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Event Descriptions

Anne-Marie Asner has inspired and educated children of all ages, across the United States and Canada, through book events, readings, signings and workshops.  Her events routinely receive great praise and returns invitations.

In addition, she has been invited to be the key note speaker for large writing events and a motivational speaker on Creativity and Entrepreneurism: How to Get from Idea to Product.

 Young Children (2 - 7 years old)

Anne-Marie Asner introduces young children to the wonderful world of Yiddish by teaching them Yiddish words and pairing each word with an action.  For example, when kids learn the word "nosh," they pretend to eat, when they learn the word "shluff," they pretend to sleep.  

The children then use these actions to act out the stories during the readings.  This keeps kids engaged while reinforcing the new, vibrant words in their vocabularies.

Kids jump to their feet to learn and perform Asner's Yiddish-infused songs such as If You're Kvetchy and You Know it Make a Pout (to tune of If You're Happy and You Know It,) and a Yiddish version of Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes teaching the body parts.

Readings and songs are followed by a hands on activity which is custom created in conjunction with the hosting festival or institution.

Events close with book signings and a gift of a Matzah Ball Books bookmark, featuring the characters, for each child.

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Event Activities:

  • Illustration "How to drawShmutzy Girl, etc." lesson
  • Book / card / bookmark / puppet making
  • Noshy Boy apron decorating; cookie / fruit cabob / hummus making
  • Shmutzy Girl shmutzy art project; laundry bag decorating
  • Klutzy Boy obstacle course
  • Shluffy Girl pillow / pillow case decorating

Writer's Workshop (8+ years old)

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The Writer's Workshop is an personalized and interactive discussion on a particular story idea of each student.  Students leave the workshop with a story or a story framework, including organized, developed plot points, robust main and supporting characters, and an understanding of which time and place best suits a particular work.  

The Writer's Workshop is custom tailored to the level of the students.

Below are some possible topics:

1.       Discussion on character development – personality traits, background, age, family, friends, likes, dislikes, gender, quirks, what others think about the character, what character thinks about self, skills, short-comings, hobbies, health issues, athletic ability, style

2.       Illustration exercise – what does this character look like

3.       Discussion on plot – concept of beginning / middle / end, whether character is driving the plot or being driven by it, who is in control in the story,  who is narrating; detail the who / what / where / why / how

4.       Writing exercise - write a one-page story

5.       Discussion on how details add to both writing and illustrations - mood/atmosphere/feelings/desires/concerns/time of day/location/other people/use of color